30 April 2013

Two Bookers, and their similarities and differences

Quite some time ago, there were two men, named "Booker."  Booker T. Washington and Booker Wright both strove to lift the black race in order to make them equals in the American society.  They were both black people in tough times for the blacks.  Black men were not allowed to have as many rights as the white children.  Both the Bookers fought to prevent their children from going through what they experienced.

Booker T. Washington and Booker Wright were able to express their feelings about the treatment of the black race to several people.  Booker T. Washington expressed his thoughts in a public building, but Booker Wright expressed himself on TV.  Both of them owned a public building to spread joy and education to other people.  Could you keep a smile and be nice to everyone after going through what they did?

Booker T. Washington  got a good education at the Hampton Institute, but Booker Wright didn't even learn how to read.  Instead, he had to recite the menu!  Booker T. Washington owned a big school, but Booker Wright just owned a little place.  Booker T. Washington went to Europe, but Booker Wright never got a special trip like that.  But finally, and most importantly, they both fought to bring up the black race.

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  1. It's sad to think how poorly our ancestors treated others, isn't it?