27 February 2013

Silas Marner (Book Review)

Silas Marner starts as a  member of the chapel in the city of Lantern Yard.  But he is then falsely accused for a murder and robbery.  He decides to go away in the country after his loved one doesn't want him anymore.  He owns a hoard of gold after working as a weaver.  But then he is robbed.  An orphan girl named Eppie comes to him on a cold and fateful night.  Eppie gives Silas love and happiness throughout his life.

 I think it was a touching story.  Everybody thinks Silas is a bit creepy, or bad because he's a weaver with bad eye-sight.  But a little girl named Eppie gives Silas's life meaning.  It's just the kind of book  I think was a good experience reading.  You should read it too.

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