19 September 2012

Robin Hood

Robin became an outlaw because he was provoked into it.  The sheriff kidnapped maid Marian was one reason he went against the law.  Another was that everyone kept making traps for him.  The king also charged the people of Nottingham too much in taxes.  And no one in the royal court really liked Robin anyway.  It was enough reason to become an outlaw. You'd probably do the same!

12 September 2012

Mercury Has a Party

Mercury got his name because he runs really fast.  Mercury is deathly afraid of baths and vets.  For instance, he ran away to avoid the vet once. Mercury hates disasters but loves  LOVES pizza and dog wings.  They are his favorite foods.

It was Extra-Super-Deluxe-Slow day, so Mercury bought his favorite food for the holiday on account of making a celebration.  Mercury convinced his master to go on a blind date for a week. So he got a pizza with 8 slices, then he gathered 15 other dogs for a party.  Mercury gave a slice per dog except to 8 dogs who were left out.  The eight dogs who were left out were sad but cheesed at Mercury.  The mad/sad dogs told Mercury to "let the master plan the party next time" and  the other 8 dogs ripped the party planner book that Mercury kept to plan the party.

Then Mercury said, "Now there may not be a next time because you demolished my planner.  Unless I can find a discount."  Then the dogs who were left out left without food. The party was a disaster!