29 September 2011


Chess is a very popular game.  Chess was made in India and based off the ancient Indian army.  In the game, two players battle to take the other king.  When you capture the king, you win the game.  It is called checkmate.

The pieces in the ancient days are a lot different than they are in the modern days.  The ancient chess king is similar to the king piece today.  The visior now is the queen.  The cavalry is the knight (Horsey).  The Elephant became the bishop, and the chariot is the rook.  Chess is my favorite board game.  You should play it if you don't already.

Me and Elf in February
(This paper was written under duress.)

03 September 2011

Assorted Chess Photos

Our new Monroi.

Little sister is learning to play chess, too!  She knows the names of all the pieces.

We have to have a quick way to clean up the pieces at the end of our chess day.  Polish pottery to the rescue!

Emperor using his new MonRoi to analyze a previously played game on the board.