16 October 2012


The typical roses you might find in your backyard probably have thorns, a vascular system and a red flower.  A vascular system being a tube system that contains some of the ingredients the plant needs for its sugars. An example of a rose without a red bud is the Graham Thomas.  It has a yellow flower and grows from 5-10 feet.

The parts of the rose are important.  The "union" is where all the roots meet/intersect.  A sucker is a shoot that comes from a root.  Suckers should be removed if the rose was budded.  The taproot transports the nutrients the plant needs all across the plant.  Leaves and new shoots and leaves are made at the node.  And the primary stem makes the outer shell of the plant.  Roses would/are a very pretty contribution to your garden.


  1. The roses we have in our front yard are called Knockout Roses. They don't grow as tall as other roses, but they are more hardy.

  2. Hi Emperor!

    We had one rosebush for 12 years. I tried to take very good care of it, but for some reason it would just start to bloom and then cover with soggy dark brown spots and rot. I don't recall the name of it, it had no scent and the flower was a dark blue/red. It was pretty when it wasn't busy being ugly, which was rare. I finally gave up on it, dug it out of it's spot in the garden and tossed it. Now I have a gorgeous sorbet peonie in it's place.