02 October 2012

Nuclear Power

I think nuclear power is deadly.  The nuclear power plants today are sitting modern weapons.  They may generate electricity and do not produce much carbon, but I think nuclear isn't a thing to mess with.  But to get rid of it is a problem.  We have an energy problem that several scientists are working to this day.  I think I have a solution although I am just a kid.  I think we should place several solar panels on the moon and connect the power to earth.  Because the moon is almost always getting sunshine.  

 I may not know the catches but it's an idea.  We should all look at Chernobyl and then compare it to the United States.  Do we want the U.S to look like Chernobyl?  Well, the Chinese have learned faster than us.  They have solar panels to power almost everything in some places.  But our government is plainly asking for a disaster.  And I am not saying coal is better, though.  I say we should not play and take energy from Mr. Atom.  I say, "Ditch Nuclear!" 


  1. I'm with you, Emperor! Some say that the nuclear disaster here in Japan, where I live, was even worse than Chernobyl, and yet we heard on the news that they are resuming the building of a nuclear plant that was put on hold last year after the disaster happened. It makes me mad, honestly. We should definitely ditch nuclear!

  2. I think you are onto something, Emperor. Nuclear power was thought to be 'brilliant' in it's time and served a purpose, but now that we have other viable resources it should be retired. Between solar and wind power, we should be able to harness power in a better and safer way for ourselves and the generations to come.
    You are a very good thinker to come up with the moon plan!

  3. I agree! We've got to find better/safer ways of producing power!

  4. I think solar and wind power should be the way of the future.