03 September 2011

Assorted Chess Photos

Our new Monroi.

Little sister is learning to play chess, too!  She knows the names of all the pieces.

We have to have a quick way to clean up the pieces at the end of our chess day.  Polish pottery to the rescue!

Emperor using his new MonRoi to analyze a previously played game on the board.


  1. What is the Monroi? What does it do, and how do you know what to do with it? Good luck with your games!!

  2. The Monroi is just for chess notation. Except it's more visual than the standard notation sheet. Instead of just seeing "b3" on the notation sheet, you'll see the pawn go to b3. This streamlines the chess coaching process in that you don't have to get the board out and play through all the moves after a tournament game. Lots of the serious younger players have them, though most adults do not. Not sure if it is a technology phobia or a simple "I can do it the right way" sort of attitude. :)